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An Astoria Wealth FNP Plan provides Indigenous organizations and businesses with a fully customized and specifically tailored Retirement Savings & Benefits Program.

Why is this right for you?

  •  Individual Investment advice & Retirement/Financial Planning
  • Self Service Options available
  • Maintain your Tax-Free Status
  • Developed from the ground up by industry leaders and experts in both tax and investment planning
  • Low Investment Management Fees
  • Industry Leading Data Storage
  • Learn and Benefit from Industry Leading Knowledge & Experts
  • Designed Specifically for Indigenous people and groups  

The Plan:

First Nations people and organizations with Status & Non-Status employees need a distinctive plan. We specialize in building both Pension Plans and Health Benefit Insurance Plans from the ground up that are purpose built to cater to Indigenous people. 

Whether this means working to keep your current tax-exempt status or building a plan around NIHB (Non-insured health benefits) we can do it, and do it the best.

It takes more than your average broker to know both the insurance and pension plans as well as rules around tax-exempt individuals. This is where we excel, we combined exceptional knowledge of both to create a plan specific to you, unlike any other. 

We also offer individual financial education and counselling to all plan members, this is unique to us that you won’t find anywhere else!

    • What are your personal financial goals?
      • How are you planning and investing for you future?
    • When do you want to retire?
      • How can we hit this goal?
    • What types of investments will help you achieve those goals?
      • What are the fees you’re paying?
    • How will you monitor your progress?
    • What income sources will you have? Government & Personal?
    • How can you protect yourself & your family?
    • How can you protect your income?
    • Are you taking advantage of other registered investment accounts available?

We work with you to build a financial plan to make sure you protect your family and hit your goalst


Features Included:

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