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Extra Value!  – Using an exhaustive needs analysis and detailed cash flow reports we stress test your financial plan through an abundance of scenarios in order to insure your plan is rock solid.

Save you money! – If you already have a financial plan, investments and insurance, we can identify areas in which fees and taxes could potentially be reduced.

Lower Fees! – We embrace technology! We use industry-leading digital wealth management platforms. This allows us to cut out the middle man and lower overhead costs in order to pass the savings on to our clients.

Processing Times & Digital Access – Our digital wealth management platforms allow some of the quickest processing times in the industry, as well as access to your accounts digitally.

Tired of going into a branch or office? We can offer just about everything digitally to save you time, ask us how!

We believe in long term financial planning, long term investing, broad diversification and fee minimization. We have faith in the long term growth of the economy and utilize dollar cost averaging as a part of your personalized financial plan.

We strive to provide superior technology based customer service, call us directly. No more waiting on hold at a call center.

In Canada, retail investors pay some of the highest investment management fees worldwide. This can be set out as an embedded MER (management expense ratio) or sometimes broken up into a separate advisory fee + the MER.

For instance, Morningstar data shows 2.35% is the average equity mutual fund MER in Canada

At Astoria Wealth Management, we have a tiered fee structure, starting at 1.7%. This savings can add up to hundreds of thousands over the course of an investor’s life.

Sometimes, commissions are paid if you purchase financial products to implement a financial planning recommendation.  In some cases, the commission is paid by the suppliers of financial products, such as an insurance or fund management company.

In some cases, clients may opt for a fee-for-service arrangement. In this type of situation we may charge on an hourly basis or a flat rate for a specific service.

There is also the option for a combination of fee and commission, all fees will be clearly outlined to you.

Astoria Wealth Management offers multiple types of accounts, such as: TFSA’s, RRSP’s, (group and personal) non-registered accounts, LIRA’s, LIF’s, RIF’s, RDSP’s and many more.

There is many investment fund providers in the Canadian market, we will search to find the best fit for you and your family.

A wide variety of insurance products are also available through a wide variety of carriers such as: segregated funds, term insurance, permanent life insurance, whole life, universal life, disability insurance, critical illness, mortgage, group insurance, and many more.

We are also pleased to offer Socially Responsible & Tax Efficient portfolios as well.

Reach out to us for a free consultation to discuss your needs.

We partner with some of the largest financial institutions in Canada, as well as many other companies which focus on new technology and AI automation in order to provide a better client experience and lower fees to you.

Having many partners allows us to find the absolute best fit for you, your family and your business.

We are fully digital! COVID-19 has changed a lot of the ways we do business, most financial institutions now allow all business to be done digitally. At Astoria Wealth Management we are able to offer all of our services virtually, if you prefer.

We are located just minutes outside of Winnipeg, in Headingley. Please see the Contact Us page for our exact address.

We can also meet anywhere you need us to be, your home or business, as well as virtually!

Your money and accounts are not held directly at Astoria Wealth Management. Your money is held with asset/portfolio managers that are a 3rd party. These firms manage money on behalf of our clients.

These asset managers and their custodians keep your money safe. Your money is protected by the Canadian Investment Protection Fund (CIFP) up to 1 million per account in the case of a custodian becoming insolvent.